eighteen month anniversary 3.30.2016

Today this Rachel as Artist blog is 18 months old! I know there were a couple of lapses in posting over that time – one for five months! But that happened for a good reason. Looking back at my very first post I see that I planned for “monthly intentions.” That fell by the wayside because those things that I hoped to make habits actually did become habits! And that includes daily exercise, daily art, twice a week yoga, and a weekly blog post.

This blog has turned mostly into writing and posting about my art. When I think about where I was in my art practice 18 months ago, I realize I’ve come a long way. I remember meeting someone new at a gathering at about the same time I started this blog and when I was asked “What do you do?” I replied “I’m an artist” and then immediately felt guilty. Even though I knew in my heart I wanted to “be” an artist, I didn’t feel dedication to the practice. I was still tip-toeing along the path… testing out the waters. Today, my response to the “What do you do?” question would be the same, but I wouldn’t feel like a fraud anymore. Maybe having actual drawings and paintings and ceramics, and even a website to show as “proof” of Rachel as Artist gives me validation. But moreso, I think it’s the actual habit of creating… the dedication to making art… the practice of  BEing Rachel as Artist each and every day. Happy Anniversary!




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