Hi. I’m Rachel. An artist, feminist practitioner, and crone of compassion and wisdom living in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. I earned a bachelor of arts in studio painting and art education.

About my paintings: Working on paper or canvas, and with a variety of media including acrylic paint, grease pencil, charcoal, pencil, pen or marker, watercolor, and oil pastel, I create abstract paintings and drawings. Sometimes the drawn line is left alone, in fact the line is accentuated throughout the painting so that it doesn’t get lost. Other times the lines and colors are blended so much that no visible lines or marks are left. Knives or brush handle ends are used to scratch through the layers, which not only removes layers of paint, but also leaves a visibly scratched surface. Other times layers are wiped away with a damp cloth to reveal what lies beneath. I want the light and lines and shapes to draw my eyes through and around each piece.

Once the painting or drawing is started, it’s the zen or the flow that draws me in and keeps me there. My favorite kind of art are pieces that leave me with a sense of wonder – getting lost in looking at the color and lines and space. The movement. The pause. I hope my work provides that sense of wonder to others.

About my ceramics: My work mainly consists of functional pots made on the wheel, with a few forms built from slabs. Using stoneware clay, along with a porcelain/stoneware mix, the work is high-fired, and decorated with a variety of colored slips, underglazes, and both matte and gloss glazes. Some pieces have no decoration except for the glaze itself. Other pieces have designs carved into the clay, or carved and scratch through the colored slip so that the clay underneath shows through, similar to when I scratch or rub through the layers of paint in my paintings.

Centering clay on the pottery wheel, then pressing and pulling and urging it up and out and again in, repeating until it takes its shape and form, makes room for the zen moment, or the flow. Everything else in my world fades away, giving room for focus on the clay and my hands – the feel, the slickness or stickiness my fingers feel, the thickness, the sturdiness, the round and round and round as the wheel turns and I become unified with the clay. I can get as dirty as I want and from mud, create a beautiful form. My aim is to create usable and aesthetically pleasing pieces – evaluating each by the elements of art: color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.

My original ceramics are available for sale at my Etsy shop. If you’re interested in purchasing my original drawings and paintings, please contact me. I donate 5% of all original painting and drawing sales to the Nature Conservancy, and 10% of ceramics sales to Potters for Peace.

Or you can purchase prints of many of my works at my Redbubble shop.

All images © Rachel Imsland, 2016.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachel! Thanks so much for visiting my site and choosing to follow along! Your work is stunning. Are you thinking about coming back for the 40th reunion? I don’t usually do that stuff, but I’d love to see you and talk about art. 🙂


    • Hi Sandy! I’ve just scratched the surface of your blog. You are a prolific writer and artist! My other first impression? I LOVE your music selection;) No, I don’t ‘think’ I’ve ever gone to a reunion, and don’t plan on attending this one. But yes, let’s talk about art.

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